Online Class Information

During week 9 of term 1, we transitioned to live online classes with a lot of success. As we are sadly still currently not able to run classes as normal in the studio, we will continue to offer live classes as well as video packs and tutoring programs.

We are offering big discounts on all online learning and are still accepting Active and Creative Kids Vouchers!

Why it’s important to keep dancing– There are many reasons why we believe you should try and keep up your dance studies during these tough times. Dance is an excellent form of exercise and exercise helps to keep our brain happy and healthy as well. Live classes gives us the chance to connect with teachers and friends. We are able to maintain our technique and memory of steps we have worked hard learning as well as progressing onto news things. Dance is a great form of stress release and it is something to look forward to and help distract us during these monotonous weeks. To create, move, extend ourselves and have fun, that is why we dance!

Live Classes– Our live classes are an excellent way for students to get to interact with friends and teachers. It gives them real time feedback on their technique and keeps them operating on a schedule. In live classes we are continuing to work on our syllabus work from RAD ballet, ATOD Contemporary and Jazz and Pullers Tap. Students continue to learn and improve as well as working on retention of all exercises learnt in term 1. Teachers are able to adapt steps if there are space issues or flooring issues so that no one misses out.

Along with the live class, students will also be able to access a video of an exercise of the week taught and performed by their teacher for extra practice.

Video Packs– While the live classes have worked really well for students aged 7 and up, we found that a pre-recorded video that can be watched at any time and as many times as they like, was in some cases more helpful for younger students. You know have the option of either a live weekly class or a Pack of 5 recorded class videos for students aged 3-7. This way you can chose the method that suits you and your child best. Videos can be an excellent choice as they can be watched many times and watched when the student is in the best frame of mind for dancing.

We are also offering video packs of Stretch and Strength classes suitable for ages 6-10 and 11+. This is a great supplementary video that can help any student, regardless of dance style, progress their flexibility and strength.

Tutoring Program– Our Company classes and our Young Artist Program will all be delivered through an online tutoring program. This involves accessing videos of choreography and uploading videos of the students once they have learnt the choreography. Students will receive feedback and corrections on their videos as well as weekly challenges and fun activities.

How Can I Access the Classes?– By enrolling online in all live classes and videos that you wish to access. Once enrolled, you simply sign into your Parent Portal where you will find all the relevant links to live classes and videos. Please note everyone must enrol in these Term 2 classes to access them, including all previous Expressions Dance members.