Dance Styles We Offer At Expressions


Ages 2-18. We offer fun prepatory Ballet classes in our Wigglebugs program. Students then begin following the world renown Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus from Pre-Primary to Advanced 2. We offer the option of yearly exams as well as concert work. The RAD syllabus provides the most thourough ballet education and builds incredibaly strong and versitle dancers.

Wigglebugs- Pre-School Program

Ages 2-5. We offer a mummy and me style program, Little Wiglebugs, which offers a combination of jazz and ballet. We learn basic technique, coordination and gross motor skills using upbeat, current music, colourful props and imginative adventures. Students then progress onto the Wigglebugs program once they begin pre-school. Style choices for Wigglebug students include Ballet, Jazz/Tap and Acro.

Jazz- ATOD

Ages 2-18. Students begin learning jazz basics in our exciting Wigglebugs program. They then begin to follow the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Jazz syllabus through which students can enter yearly exams. This syllabus provides an excellent foundation and progression of technique as dancers develope and improve. The ATOD Jazz syllabus creates well rounded jazz dancers in a fun and encouraging way.


Ages 3-18. Tap is a fun, challenging style where students learn how to create very specific rhythms and patterns. At Expressions students start tap in our pre-school Wigglebugs programe. We then follow the ATOD Tap Syllabus which does an excellent job of laying foundations and building up to some excitng and challenging steps. We offer yearly exams a well as an end of year concert for all classes.

Contemporary- ATOD

Ages 7-18. Contemporary technique focuses on parallel lines, contraction and release, falling, extension and floor work with a strong focus on expression and improvisation. We follow the Australian Teachers Of Dancing (ATOD) Contemporary syllabus and offer students the oppporunity of yearly exams.


Hip Hop

Ages 5-18. Our Hip Hop classes are a chance to let loose. We have fun new routines to learn each week with high energy, up to date moves. We believe strongly in age appropriate songs, moves and costumes.

Acrobatics- Acrobatic Arts

Ages 3-18. At Expressions we follow the very highly regarded Acrobatic Arts syllabus. The program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. 


Ages 5-18. Lyrical combines technique from ballet and jazz styles in an expressive display of dynamic movement. Learn skills and fun new routines each week. Students have the opportunity to perform at out end of year concert.

Company Class

Students who show teachers beautiful technique and hardwork in class are invited to join our Company classes. We run Companies for ages 7-16 in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop. Our companies perform in competitions and performances throughout the year.

Adult Dance

At Expressions we offer adult classes in Ballet, Jazz/Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop for ages 18+. These classes are open to beginner and intermediate level abilities. Get fit in a fun way while learning a new skill that you’ve always wanted to try. You will learn some great technique and fun routines, but is also a great chance to take some time out for yourself and have a laugh with friends.